Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2022-08-16T20:31:24-04:00
How do I buy pixels?2022-01-18T22:28:36-05:00
Can I change my media and information after I mint?2022-01-18T22:28:26-05:00
How do I install a metamask wallet?2022-01-18T22:08:45-05:00
How do I add Binance Chain to Metamask?2022-01-18T22:27:30-05:00
Adding Your Content to a Canvas2022-12-27T20:35:20-05:00

Coming Soon: Watch a video on how to add your content on a canvas.

What is a Pixel Canvas?2022-02-17T21:08:07-05:00
Will you be adding more chains and if so which ones?2022-06-04T12:17:23-04:00
What future developments are in the works?2022-06-04T12:14:41-04:00
What is the bonus I keep hearing about?2022-01-18T22:27:47-05:00
When will the MCP token be available?2022-06-04T12:12:17-04:00
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