Special Deal For Our First Canvas

Startup Perks

Everyone who buys our first round of pixels will be gifted a percentage of the My Crypto Pixel token in 2022. More details coming soon.

Buy Pixels Now!

My Crypto Pixels gives you the opportunity to collaborate with people, from around the world. We provide the canvas made up of a million tiny pixels. You can purchase as many pixels as you like, adding your chosen media, information, and URLs to each pixel for everyone to admire and share. Other collaborators can do the same. Once all of the pixels have been bought, that canvas turns into an epic NFT that goes up for auction. Whoever wins the auction owns the center pixel portion. Every purchaser of pixels on the canvas will get a percentage of the NFT auction sales price with the My Crypto Pixel(MCP) token. 

Our Vision


In the future, we are expanding our canvas options to offer different themes, sizes, shapes, and many more amazing features. You’ll also be able to own your own canvases that you will have full control of. Do you want a unicorn-shaped canvas filled with pictures of your daughter for her 5th birthday party? Love it! A pizza-shaped canvas with 3,000 pictures of your cat? You betcha! A snake-shaped canvas filled with pictures of your ex? Sounds therapeutic!

From celebration announcements to memorial pages to high school yearbooks, and everything in between, we’ll provide the canvas, you bring your genius ideas.


Start-up Canvas


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Our team has big ideas! We’re working hard to get you the most entertaining and progressive digital product to enjoy for years to come. The best things take time to develop, test, and implement so enjoy what we offer now, tell your friends and family, and be sure to sign up below to get notified when updates are released. (We’re not spammy, we promise!)